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Student (Brighton)

Letty was my tutor for a piercing course I took to start my journey into the piercing/Tattoo industry. Throughout the course She was friendly, clear and took her time to ensure everyone in the class understood the topics. At intervals we had small exams to refresh our memory and were guided through the syllabus all the way.  I felt at ease and had fun throughout the course and felt confident in what I was taught.  I would highly recommend Letty as a teacher to anyone looking to get into the industry. I have had a successful piercing career as a result of her teachings and guidance.



Student (Enfield)

I had the pleasure of working and being taught by Letty throughout my first junior piercing role. Letty always went the extra mile to spend time with me one to one to ensure that I fully understand the processes and best techniques. Letty built my confidence with her positive and encouraging nature which has helped me develop my own career.  I would highly recommend Letty as a teacher to anyone looking to get into the industry. Letty has helped me take my first steps into the industry and I am looking forward to what the future holds.



Student (Stevenage)

I did my piercing course with Letty 2 years ago, and it was the most informative and professional course I’ve ever done.  Letty explained everything thoroughly, so much so that I felt extremely confident from the day I passed.  I felt completely at ease being taught Letty, she’s extremely welcoming, friendly, and professional.  Definitely the best course I’ve ever done, I couldn’t of asked for a better tutor. Thank you Letty.



Student (Hemel Hempstead)

A few years ago I was skint and had no motivation or direction in my world but a good friend of mine that owns a tattoo parlour told me they needed a new piercer.  I had tattooing experience, but I’d never pierced anyone legally ... but I thought I’d give it a go. 


I borrowed the money from my friend and I attended a Piercing course in 2017, I found the course to be life-changing.  It was a small class of people so you got a lot of time to ask questions and our tutor Letty was faultless and made us all feel relaxed, and as well as learning so much we also found it easy to all get on and enjoy every day we were there.  The final day was full of actual humans arriving for a random selection of piercings which we all took turns to do.  I was lucky enough to practice the dermal implant piercing as well as septum, lip, nostril and several different ear piercings, you were free to watch everyone else perform their piercings too as we were taken step by step through every process.


Fast forward 2 weeks later, it’s the school holidays and I was earning about 800 pounds a week after deducting the price of equipment, essential sterilising and jewellery etc. 


I would highly recommend attending this course, I’ve come from a hopeless unemployed waste of life, to almost a doctor to many of my clients.  It can have it’s quiet days depending on where you are, but overall this career is the best move I ever made.

Milken Braz.jpeg

Milken Braz

Student (Sweden)

I run a tattoo shop in Sweden and felt there was a big potential for piercings too, so 3 years ago I had the luck to be one of Letty’s students.


She is extremely professional and I could see that she had tons of experience and really knew what she was talking about.


Today my shop is one of the favourite places for piercings in the region!


Thanks to all the support she gave me and still giving. A+

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